One-day checkup


One day checkup

One-day checkup (4 hours)

The one-day check-up package lasts 4 hour and includes:

  • blood and urine tests to assess the state of your health (blood sugar, cholesterol, kidney and liver functions, signs of prostate cancer, thyroid function and signs of infection);
  • an ECG (electrocardiogram);
  • a stress test to assess your heart’s stress tolerance*;
  • an ultrasound of the organs in your abdominal cavity (including the prostate for men);
  • spirography (testing your breathing function);
  • an X-ray of your lungs
  • and an appointment with a cardiologist/internist to discuss the results of your tests.

Depending on any health problems you have, you can also attend a consultation with a specialist of your choosing and, if necessary, undergo relevant testing as part of your overall check-up. The cost of this consultation and testing will be added to the price of your package.

*A stress test conducted by a medical institution difference from the one done at sports clubs. We don’t evaluate your physical availability, but the functioning of your cardiac blood supply while making a physical effort

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