Cardiac checkup

Cardiac checkup (32 hours)

We recommend cardiac checkup if you have ever suffered from or are exhibiting symptoms of cardiac diseases, chest pain, arrhythmia or high blood pressure. The package is also a good choice if you lead a fast-paced and stressful life or if there is a history of cardiovascular problems in your family.

Checkup includes:

  • blood and urine tests to assess the state of your health (general blood, blood sugar, cholesterol and its structure, kidney and liver function, signs of prostate cancer, thyroid function, signs of infection and blood sugar profile);
  • an ECG (electrocardiogram);
  • a stress test to assess your heart’s stress tolerance*;
  • an echocardiograph (an ultrasound to monitor heart functioning);
  • overnight monitoring of your blood pressure and heart rhythm;
  • spirography (testing your breathing function);
  • a consultation with a urologist or gynecologist;
  • a consultation with a doctor to determine an exercise routine;
  • an ultrasound of the organs in your abdominal cavity (including the prostate for men);
  • an ultrasound of your thyroid;
  • an X-ray of your lungs;
  • consultation on your lifestyle; and
  • consultations with a cardiologist/internist prior to the check-up and afterwards to discuss the results of your tests and determine any necessary treatment.

 A stress test conducted by a medical institution difference from the one done at sports clubs. We don’t evaluate your physical availability, but the functioning of your cardiac blood supply while making a physical effort

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